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Overall, this blog should be a helpful resource to my followers.

I will be tagging my graphic and unsettling images and gifsets with trigger warnings.
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    Best Coast, Amy Ruppel

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    Hawaii was first called the Sandwich Islands.


    Pretty sure it was first called  NiʻihauKauaʻiOʻahuMolokaʻiLānaʻiKahoʻolaweMaui and Hawaiʻi.

    The earliest habitation supported by archaeological evidence dates to as early as 300 CE, whereas the 1778 arrival of British explorer James Cook was Hawaiʻi’s first documented contact with European explorers. Cook named the islands the “Sandwich Islands” in honor of his sponsor John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich.

    Because things only exist when Europeans discover them smh

    This. ffs


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    assuming someone’s sexuality because of how they dress


    assuming someone’s sexuality because of how they talk


    assuming someone’s sexuality because of their haircut


    assuming someone’s sexuality




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    A great addition to your garden or back yard. - Bee watering station. 

    Bees need water just like we do but often times drown in open water. To make a bee watering station you can either do what is shown in the photo above and fill the bowl of a dog/cat watering jug with stones or you can fill a small dish with marbles and add water to that. That way the bees have something to land on!


    YES. I need to start a bee sanctuary.

    This  is a cool idea!

    Definitely a great idea to have a constant-feed waterer!! Fill it with stones/small rocks/marbles, even packing peanuts - just give them enough of an island to land on and stay dry so they can get a sip. :)

    US Residents, Check out: for more references, info, and ideas on how to help our pollinator friends!

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    Petition: Hong Kong Government: Legislate a ban on the sale and possession of shark fin in Hong Kong.

    From Honduras to New Caledonia, from the Bahamas to the Maldives, the people have spoken. And governments have listened. Now is the time for Hong Kong to wake up! The public is ready. The business sector is behind us. Now is the time for a total sale and possession ban on shark fin in Hong Kong. By doing so, Hong Kong will take a giant step to join the conservation efforts of numerous countries around the world who have enacted shark protection legislation. In Latin America it will join Honduras. In the United States it will join California, New York, Hawaii, Washington, Maryland, Delaware and Oregon. In the Pacific region it will join Palau, Tokelau, Marshall Islands, French Polynesia, Cook Islands, American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands and New Caledonia. Even China has agreed to stop serving shark fin soup at official banquets, to take effect in the next year or two.

    Banning shark fin from the streets of Hong Kong will be the single most important marine conservation achievement of the year. It will be an important step towards protecting the health of our oceans. It will also remove the stain on Hong Kong’s reputation as a world-class tourism hub.

    This petition is endorsed by: Shark Rescue



    Save sharks! They are so important.

    please sign the petition guys

    Its a fucking blood bath! Sign this petition you guys!

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    step over ants
    put worms back in the grass
    rescue baby caterpillars
    release spiders back into your garden
    open windows for bees to fly home
    they are all little souls that deserve a life too

    yet another post that carnists will probably reblog with no thought whatsoever about the little souls who get slaughtered to go on their dinner plates

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    Extreme Goat

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    I met these two ladies in Switzerland. They were hugging and licking each other, like best friends.

    Why the fuck would anyone look at these animals and want to imprison and kill them??? If you spend five minutes with an animal they show you their personalities, they show you their sentience very plainly. How the fuck do people allow themselves to keep denying it?

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    "She was filled with regret before she died. She felt like she’d failed us as a mother tremendously."
    "Did she say something to you about it?"
    "She never said anything, so I don’t have any tangible proof that she had regrets. But she had a very bad substance abuse problem. And I know she always wanted to be a good mother. So I separate my mom from her disease. I always imagine that my mom and an alcoholic were living in the same body. And I know that my mom loved us. And that she hated the alcoholic."

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    I don’t usually post my own text, let alone beg for help, but my puppy is in so much pain. She was recently scratched in the eye by one of her dog friends and it became so severely infected this past week. We were cleaning it with a spray prescribed by her vet and giving her stuff for the swelling. This morning we woke up to this(right hand picture). I’m bawling to the point where I can’t breath. Her vet says we have to remove her eye completely. It’s going to cost us $500 and we can’t afford it. I’m begging for help at this point. She’s my baby before I had my baby. She’s the biggest sweetheart ever and she deserves health and happiness. Please reblog and share this as much as possible, please!

    If everybody that I follow could just donate a dollar each, we could reach the goal in no time. Please followers, if you can’t donate then please share this post. If you can reblog blunts, brews, boobs, and booty, you can reblog this with my GoFundMe link.

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    well? can he????

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    I’ve put this off as long as possible but I am very very scared for my dog and I need to ask for help.

    as my followers might remember, back in January Baelfire, my service dog, started having seizures. I took him to the vet, they looked him over and x rayed him and said they didn’t know what was happening and that if he had more seizures I should come in again. I had just switched him onto a new food and there were people online saying their dogs had also had seizures on that food, so I put him back on his old food and it seemed like things got better. 

    That was January. In June, Bae had three more seizures. He hasn’t had one since as of July 24, thank god. But his behavior has rapidly changed - my roommate said he seems more like a five month old puppy than a three year old dog. He’s shaking his head a lot and whining more and holding his ears funny, and at one point apparently (my roommate told me this, I was gone at the time) seemed to forget where he was or who my roommates were and cowered in the corner for a while before returning to “normal”. My roommate who’s a trainer spoke to a vet-tech friend of hers and apparently she said the signs point to a brain tumor. I can’t in good conscience allow him to continue working as my service dog with his health being this bad.

    I can’t at this point afford vet care for him. Right now I have about 50 dollars for the next two months after rent and utilities are paid, and that has to cover my food as well as his. I can possibly do it in September when my financial aid comes in, but I am very afraid that it will be too late by that point. If you have even a couple of dollars you can drop in my Paypal, or if you could signal boost this post, I would appreciate it a lot.

    please please please help aaron and his puppy if you can, they are both Very Important and not having a good time of things right now :(

    Signal boosting

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